Every Child Is Special: A Movie Review

Posted: January 3, 2012 in Movie

Every Child Is Special may be my first Bollywood motion picture. (I do not count Slumdog Millionaire because May possibly watched it only in parts and get not even gotten on the ending, haha .) Nevertheless, Every Child Is Special is a Hindi drama film released in 2007 (Taare Zameen Par, interpretation: Stars On Earth) released and directed by Aamir Khan. It tells in regards to boy, Ishaan Awasthi, who was simply always getting in trouble at school for being so misbehaving and out of focus from his instructional classes. Too often, he may be caught by his teacher daydreaming and getting low grades. Because of the following, his father sent him or her to boarding school, all alone and homesick with the hope of disciplining him. But the academic status of Ishaan managed still not improve. Alternatively, he became withdrawn and lonely, far from the Ishaan who was active and fun-loving. Then came an alternative art teacher who would just change the best way Ishaan would act towards school and figure out how to appreciate himself even even more.

How am i going to not love this dvd? Darsheel Safary is ideal for the role of Ishaan Awasthi. Safary, together with his innocent eyes and are up against, made me laugh with his funny antics and as well rend my heart as he undergoes the agony of enduring boarding school alone and faraway from his parents. From commence to finish, the movie held my attention, and the musical portions included in my fascination. I cannot speak about the technical aspects of film-making as i am not knowledgeable associated with such, but for a simple to please movie fan like me, Each and every Child Is Special is one heart-touching movie.


Each and every Child Is Special is an eye opener regarding worth and significance of each child. The story refers to an issue that is really as real as it is usually unrecognized – dyslexia. I first knew about dyslexia inside book, Pearl Possess by Randall Wallace, but the movie has increased my education on such a ailment.

Every Child Is Special is a movie that can tug the heartstrings and at the same time bring hope that having dyslexia is not really a desperate situation. Friends and family support, patience, and love are central themes in this story, plus the primary focus on painting and art. The theory on multiple intelligences in education plays a significant role in this movie and are often very informative to teachers together with parents alike.

I really love this movie and I recommend this to everyone. My sister in addition has been nagging me to watch The Three Idiots . Maybe, tonight.

5 stars.
War itself is the greatest villain, not any a particular side. With this in your mind, Steven Spielberg’s War Mount attempts to impartially demonstrate the impact such conflict is wearing all parties involved and refrains from isolating anybody antagonists. But for a film devoid of any real adversaries, it’s plethora of protagonists is usually pitifully uninspiring. While some receive only fleeting moments while others wallow in their wearisome stays, few manage to stimulate emotion, regardless of what this bellowing musical cues and copious close-ups of weathered faces can have you believe


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